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Buying a home?  Let us show you how to buy a home without depleting your bank account.    



Whether your goal is to reduce your monthly payment, consolidate debt, payoff your mortgage faster, or all the above, Competitive Home Lending’s expertise will ensure mortgage loan and personal goals are aligned.   

More than competitive loan programs and unbeatable rates, Competitive Home Lending structures loans based on your needs. 


Competitive Costs 

Our name says it all.  Whether you are purchasing or refinancing a home, you can be confident you are getting the lowest cost loan available.  


Personal Service

Understanding your mortgage financing needs helps us match you with the correct mortgage loan.  This is the foundation we use to build the perfect balance of the lowest cost loan with the most overall savings. 

Competitive Home Lending Difference 

Not bigger, just better....and we're ready to prove it!

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About Us

Why Competitive Home Lending

Competitive Home Lending is a mortgage company located in Plano, TX offering competitive mortgage programs and low mortgage rates.  We believe in providing as much loan information as possible to make the mortgage process simple.  We take the time to explain the process and the programs because mortgages are not “one-size fits all”.  Spending time understanding your needs ensures you get the best mortgage loan possible.      


Not bigger, just better....and we're ready to prove it!

Competitive Loan Programs, Lowest Mortgage Rates

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